A healthy and balanced diet plays a vital role in hair growth and appearance. This interrelation between our body’s general health condition and the quality and appearance of our hair, is for instance commonly used in hair analyses to measure our body’s nutritional status. For example, zinc deficiency due to an unbalanced diet may cause hair loss, and lack of copper may result in grey and un-pigmented hair.

mM Kollagen® contains essential nutrients with documented and approved health benefits for normal hair growth and appearance*.

mM Kollagen® is based on specific collagen peptides, and also contains essential minerals and vitamins in the form of zinc, selenium, copper and vitamin C.

Collagen is produced in our body by special production cells called fibroblasts, which play a central role in hair growth. The “production centre” for hair growth is found in the dermal papilla at the base of the hair root. The dermal papilla consists of fibroblasts that transmit signals for increased cell division in the cells at the base of the hair root, initiating hair growth. Large papillae with a high concentration of fibroblast have better growth layers than smaller papillae, resulting in thicker and stronger hair strands. When the cells at the bottom of the hair root divide at a higher rate, the hair growth rate increases.